Sheffield: Print, Protest, Poetry (1790-1810)

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It is, in these persecuting Days, a sufficient crime to have printed a Newspaper which has so boldly dared to doubt the Infallibility of Ministers, and to investigate the Justice and Policy of their Measures.

Joseph Gales, ‘The Editor’s Address’,
Sheffield Register No 369, 27 June 1794.



Selected Poems from the Sheffield Register


A Loyal Song for the Tars of Old England [c] [a]


On The Effects of Gold [c] [a]

The Bull [c] [a]

No Libel to Think [c] [a]


Lines by a Lady of the Town [c]

The Statesman’s Soliloquy [c] [a]

The Observations of a Swine [c] [a]

The Ox Over-Driven: An Original Fable [c] [a]

The Mad Man’s Petition [c]

The Slave Trade [c] [a]

Selected Poems from the Sheffield Iris

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